Yellow Drum Productions is a proud supporter of Brent Handy Aerobatics

Brent is beginning his 4th airshow season as a solo aerobatic performer and is certainly no stranger to the airshow circuit with over 150 shows under his belt with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds. Brent continues to work with the Snowbirds at 431 Squadron in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan while he develops his high-energy show in the quintessential airshow aircraft, the venerable Pitts Special S2-B.

Brent’s routine is flown at low altitude and high energy!  The show begins with a gut-wrenching 13 turn inverted flat spin, followed by loops, rolls, torque-rolls and tumbles.  Hammerheads and lomcevaks, tail slides and a ton of smoke!  Expect to see a high-speed, high-G show packed with energy where the airplane rarely gets a rest! ~ Source:

Brent is both a standout in the air and on the ground. Hoping to inspire young fans towards a future with aviation, he takes his impressive show back down to earth to interact with fans and leaves a lasting impression. The PR gene has always been a true strength of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and Brent continues that tradition of excellence. 

I'm really looking forward to working with Brent once again in the upcoming 2017 airshow season.

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