Each year, usually around March, a CF-18 Hornet rolls out of the paint shop at 4 Wing Cold Lake with the latest themed design by the incredibly talented team of designer, Jim Beliveau. It's a real privilege to get an early look at these beautiful designs when the team travels to 19 Wing Comox, British Columbia for their spring workups. It's a great chance to meet members of both the east and west crews and of course, the support staff and pilot.

I've been lucky enough to get up close and personal with the team over the last few years but have been enjoying their performances from behind my camera since 2011. Please enjoy the following collections of the last three version of the team and a mix of shots from the 2011-2013 teams. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest information and of course, the latest theme and aircraft unveiling.

Canadian Forces CF-18 Demo Team Faceboo

2017 - Capt Matthew "Glib" Kutryk                       2016 - Capt Ryan "Roid" Kean
              2015 - Capt Denis "Cheech" Beaulieu                   2014 - Capt Adam "Manik" Runge
CF-18 Demo westCF-18 Demo west                                   2011 - 2013